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Have you ever wanted to boost your reaction speed to get better at that one game?
Have you ever had the desire to improve hand-eye coordination to help you in real life?
Have you ever just wanted to keep yourself mentally fit? (Seniors here's looking at you!)

Have no fear. We are a team of three individuals from high school (DNK Studios), and are currently conducting independent studies in neuroscience. Having learned JAVA recently, we had a strong desire to help others and therefore created...

The Chocolate Postulate: An open-source prototype of an experimental game designed to improve reaction speed, hand-eye coordination and mental sharpness through repeated play.

Our results were based on a statistical study on students and teachers in our high school. After 50 players volunteered to try out the game for a two week period for just 10-15 minutes a day, an overwhelming 92% of players reported that:

1. Their reaction speed in regards to other PC games had a moderate to significant improvement.
2. Their individual hand-eye coordination improved moderately. This was tested by giving players a ping-pong paddle and asking them to bounce a ping-pong ball upwards into the air as many times as possible. 74% of the players who reported their hand-eye coordination improved actually did improve in the amount of times they could bounce the ping-pong ball!
3. Primarily teachers and adults reported that it helped their mental sharpness and alertness throughout the work day.

So what are you waiting for? Give The Chocolate Postulate a try! Also, if you would like to suggest anything for future updates, please feel free to leave a comment. Once again, this game is in it's early prototype stages, and is under constant development.

Install instructions

Simply download the The Chocolate Postulate ZIP file:
1) Extract the ZIP to the desired location.

2) Open up the extracted folder and double click on The Chocolate Postulate JAR file to play the game.

***You will notice that on the first opening of the game there is a small delay after clicking to start. This is normal and only occurs initially. After the delay, each subsequent play will be smooth and without delay.

3) Enjoy and have fun! This game is open-source, so if you have the experience, please feel free to modify the game. If you decide to release a mod or release the game anywhere, please note that all credit goes to me and DNK Studios as the creator team :)


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